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  The 4th World Traditional Wushu Championships
  The 5th International Taijiquan Exchange Competition, Jiaozuo
  The 12th Handan International Taijiquan Tournament, Handan
  The 3nd World Taijiquan Health Conference , Hainan
  Wudang Wushu Training Course Travel in Wudang
  Summer Vacation of Wudang Kungfu in Wudang
  Summer Vacation of Shaolin Wushu in Shaolin
  Shaolin Wushu private training Course With Master 
  Translation Services in China
  The important events of Kungfu-Wushu in China
  Training course for Dragon and Lion dancing
  Learning chinese language



Shaolin Viaggi (by Xi'An CYIT)

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Training course for Dragon and Lion dancing in Nanyang



Our price includes:  full package with daily chinese food in hotel , Hotel (with air conditioning, IDD, TV), four hours daily training with master, transfers  by private bus. 

Not includes: international flights, airport tax., tips, personal fee.

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How to book , How to arrive and How  to pay ?

1> For booking your stage , first you should choose the services wanted ( it's better to send the following answer: when , how many days, accommodation in hotel or in school, your experiences for kungfu, what to learn ) and send them to us by fax or email. Once you have paid your international air ticket, please send us the copy of your air ticket as your confirm. You will pay us your charge in China.

2> For following this kind of stage, it's better to take the cash with you. If you want pay us by the traveller-cheque or the credit card , it need go to the Bank of China in Zhengzhou ( 100 km from Dengfeng), 3 % of the commission request by the bank doesn't include in our price.  Only in Zhengzhou  you can take the money from Bank by your credit card. In Dengfeng it's impossible to pay with your credit card when shopping.

3> If your domestic flight or train is booked by us, 10 % of the total charge will be request to pay us as deposition.

4 > Zhengzhou is the nearest  city to Shaolin Temple, and from Zhengzhou Airport to Shaolin, there are about 120 km . So you need book your international flight to Beijing or Shanghai  and then go to Zhengzhou by domestic flight or by train . You can book the around flight to Zhengzhou in your country or by us in China. Train Beijing/Zhengzhou/ Beijing in first classe: 120usdp/p (included the charge for delivering the ticket to you) /  Flight Beijing/Zhengzhou/Beijing:  210usdp/p (included the charge for delivering the ticket to you)    

5> Transfers Zhengzhou/Shaolin by private car: 50usd per car   

     One night in three star Hotel in Beijing: 60usd (single)


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