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  The 4th World Traditional Wushu Championships
  The 9th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival
  The  6th Jiaozuo International Taijiquan Competition, Jiaozuo
  Cultivate on the way towards the longevity
  The World Taijiquan Health Conference
  Wudang Wushu Training Course Travel in Wudang
  Summer Vacation of Wudang Kungfu in Wudang
  Summer Vacation of Shaolin Wushu in Shaolin
  Shaolin Wushu private training Course With Master 
  Translation Services in China
  The important events of Kungfu-Wushu in China
  Training course for Dragon and Lion dancing
  Learning chinese language


Who are we ?  

We are a group of peoples who are amateurs of Chinese martial arts with more than 20 years experiences to organize the Wushu exchange trips in the World. Some of us don't practice it, but all of us want to do something to spread the Chinese Martial Arts in the world to make the world healthy and peaceful.

                                    Where are we ? 

We live in the Center of China. It's very near to the famous Shaolin Temple - the biggest chinese martial arts center in the world . It's small place, but the famous Shaolin martial arts are born in this city , and you can meet the people from all over the world, so it's Great !!  We are also very near to Wudang Mountain -- the birthpalce of the famous chinese internal martial arts. 

                           What can we do ?

We think we can offer all kinds of  the informations about Chinese Wushu events organized in China, or Buddhism and Taoism Cultural exchanges , also we can help to send by EMS the Chinese martial arts materials to the person who needs in the World. If necessary , don't hesitate to fax or email us.

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Specializing in historical and adventure tours throughout the country, Chinese Wushu training, trekking and orient cultural exchange in China. 

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